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The purpose of this policy is to standardize procedures pertaining to the rental and cancellation of ice time and bookings at the Delisle Centennial Arena.


2.1 Individuals or organizations wishing to secure ice time for the upcoming ice season must advise the Leisure Services Coordinator in writing of their desired times/dates each year.

2.2 Rental times will be allotted to user groups based on historical usage as well as documented established need. New users will be allocated times on a first come, first served basis.

2.3 All rentals must follow the expectations of utilizing all available ice first when going about making a booking regardless of it being a game, practice or playoff.

2.4 No booking is ever final until confirmed by the Leisure Services Coordinator.


3.1 Groups who have been late for payments two or more times will be issued a notice and receive a suspension of all future ice time until a review by the Delisle and District Recreation Association on their future rental agreement has been completed.

3.2 One time use and outside renters are required to pay upfront/prior to use of their scheduled ice time.

3.3 Groups must pay within 15 days of date of invoice, failure to do so will result in a $100.00 administration fee.


4.1 The Delisle and District Recreation Association requires that all bookings for regular season games and practices give 72 working hours notice no later than 12:00 noon for all cancellations of ice times. Proper cancellation of ice time must be done through the Leisure Services Coordinator by phone: 493-8283 or e-mail: Notifying anyone else of cancellation will not be considered valid. (For example: A Sunday game must be cancelled by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior)

4.2 Failure to notify the Leisure Services Coordinator within the 72 hours or more prior to the scheduled ice time will result in the party in question being charged IN FULL for that ice time.

4.3 Cancellation due to storm or inclement weather will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, however; it is still requested that the booked party in question still contacts or leaves a message with the Leisure Services Coordinator that they have cancelled due to weather so that proper record is kept on file.

4.4 In the case of the opposing team cancelling a game not within the required 72 hours, or in the case of a no-show by the visiting team, the original booking team will still be billed accordingly as if ice was used as scheduled.

4.5 Tournaments, weekend bookings, or any booking exceeding the time span of 5hrs at one time must give a minimum of 1 weeks (7 days) notice for cancellation


5.1 Neither the Delisle & District Recreation Association, The Delisle Centennial Arena nor its agents shall be liable for any loss, injury or damage caused to persons or belonging (including vehicles or their content) using the rented premises or any other property thereon, or any damages of property entrusted to the renter, their employees, sub-tenants or invitees or for the loss of any property by theft of otherwise.

5.2 The renter shall indemnify the Delisle & District Recreation Association against all liability, claims, damages or expenses due to or arising out of any act of negligence by the renter or its servants, employees, agents, invitees or licenses on or about the premises or due to arising out of breach by the tenant of any provisions to this agreement, including liability for injury or damages to agents, invitees or licenses.

5.3 The renter agrees to be financially responsible for all damages to the arena and its facilities that result during use/and or occupancy.